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An interactive learning system that is designed to change the way a student learns. Convenient and easy to use, enables a collaborative and interactive environment for learning and includes small group mentoring, creates virtual classroom environment, simulation and other interactive content, self-study content, recorded presentations and shared browsing. Students take tests and quizzes online, read articles, blog posts, participate in discussion forums and access rich content.



Experience a ‘portable campus’ & ‘carry along mentors”. Empowers students with its unique anytime access

High Quality Self Study Material

Accredited with quality resources in terms of technology, faculty, and course materials thereby creating a big impact on the education sector.


Facilitates the students to plan their studies based on their commitments No need to spend time on travelling for taking classes Empowers students with its unique anytime access

Student Support And Engagement

The student support team keeps students abreast of new initiatives launched by the institute. The continuous communication helps the student to become an integral part of the imstitute

Regular Updates

Students are kept informed about the delivery of their course material and exam schedule well in advance


Student-oriented initiatives such as motivational videos, student orientation programs, skill enhancement webinars for professional excellence and special scholarships, all ensure holistic personality development of our students.


VALUED PRO introduces DLP Mobile Application to enhance quality and effectiveness of education and learning on your favourite personal mobile / tablet devices. Students have access to all course content, short educational videos, assessment quizzes and much more on their fingertips. Experience personalised on-the-go learning -

  • Access all your study materials at your fingertips
  • Bite-sized learning resources for easy understanding
  • Assessment quizzes across all your subjects
  • Access mock quizzes to score higher in your exams
  • Challenge your peers and stay on top of your game
  • Get instant feedback on your quiz attempt and correct your answers
  • Stay connected with Announcements and Push messages from our institute.
  • Connect with the helpdesk to get assistance with all student activities

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