Digital Marketing

Our DM course offers world class digital marketing training for students & professionals.

Digital Advertising is growing at 33% annually. It already has a 13% share of total spend. Obviously that’s where the opportunities are for you! ValuexPro introduces experiential learning program in Digital Marketing. The idea is to equip you with hands on skills to tap into the emerging area of digital marketing.

  • - 3 months instructor led program
  • - Study resources prepared by world class professionals
  • - Comprehensive; covers all essential concepts like SEO, Website, Social Media, Emails, Google Adwords campaign, etc.



Why Digital Marketing?
Reach: Over 46 million Indians are using the internet. There is no other way to reach so many of them at one place.
Customization: Digital mediums provide insights on the characteristics of your audience: choices, age, gender, spending pattern, etc., which enables you to customize your campaigns and target the right audience. 
Affordable:  Since Digital media can target specific customers, they tend to be cost efficient compared to TV ad or print campaign.
Measurable: It is easier to measure performance of digital marketing activities, since all data sets can be captured real-time to gauge the effectiveness of your strategies.
Greater engagement: Digital marketing encourages your prospective clients to engage with your brand through various activities such as visiting your website, reading about your products and services, rating them, furnishing feedback, etc.
Why Digital Marketing for you?
Job seekers: Every institution needs to market their product/services to survive the competition. With riding popularity of digital mediums, digital marketing has become a booming sector. According to Nasscom, there are jobs not only in Indian companies, but IT and KPO companies too, wherein overseas clients outsource the digital marketing activities to back offices.
Entrepreneur: In this era of start-ups, budding entrepreneurs can greatly benefit from digital marketing activities to expand their business.
Professionals: For working professionals, digital marketing can help you have an additional edge over your peers and gain entry in this highly lucrative field.
Students:  Students from any domain can greatly benefit from digital marketing, be it employment or their own venture. 

    Why do a course in Digital Marketing?

    Target new age jobs
    • This is the fastest growing segment within marketing. Acquiring skills in this area can help you target jobs in this segment.
    • It further opens up opportunities in the areas like marketing analytics and help you to move up the value chain.
    Upgrade yourself as a marketing professional
    • Every marketing professional needs to understand this new area to continue to grow
   • Helps you to look at the marketing strategy comprehensively whether you are a brand manager or client servicing guy.
  1. ValuedPro along with Vstudy has trained more than 15000 candidates for different academic exams and professional courses such as CS, CA, CMA, CIMA, CPA etc
  2. We have trained more than 2,000 employees of different finance organizations on Financial Analysis, Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Equity Research, Management Accounting etc.
  3. Our digital marketing course has been specifically designed and updated to include latest industry trends which would allow participants to expand their knowledge base while remaining abreast of industry developments.

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